fragile expectations

though they may be fragile expectations undeniably strengthen faith if you do not believe me... just observe a child


For about 3 or 4 days, I kept remembering a song vaguely. I had forgotten its name, in addition I couldn't recollect the band. All I remembered was it was definitely a 70's band and either the band or the song itself started with the letter "S". I tried not to think about it, but … Continue reading Unlearning

If I Die and Others …

If I die on your side of the border~ return my body for cremation~ bury my soul next to your ancestors~ I am a child of two lands they say love is blind but in my eyes lovers are blessed they see a different world where the sun also rises in the west ~what foment … Continue reading If I Die and Others …

Fear not, my child

Unsteady weak knobbly knees Blurry world through long eyelashes Drooling mouth taste of milk Nose twitching what a trick Gentle push it resists Stand up baby, mama persists Falling the only way to learn Long strides none can outrun Fear not the mighty lion For it will keep on trying Smell enemies in time Live … Continue reading Fear not, my child