broken breaths

lies remain true

broken every promise only your lies remain true mirror's stained reflections dyed a crimson hue revenge bleeds slowly drip by drip.. ** I used to write a lot of micropoetry on Twitter for various prompts. Interesting to discover them after so long. I even forget what I was imagining when I wrote some of them.

a touch of crimson

and he claimed her with a touch of crimson in place of vermilion tears of kohl trickle his pledge to return bound by blood *** when at last he returned but not as she had imagined she tied a crimson ribbon on his casket, protesting a broken promise

a secret escapes

from the heart a secret escapes through the tongue too late... for recall hear the shatter of broken trust

broken, slightly

the life between two breathsthe breath between two thoughtsthe thought between two promisesthe promise between two heartsthe heart...broken...a slightly broken heart The poems I am particularly pleased with are those where I have used two outwardly unconnected concepts and merged them. This poem was inspired by the meditation course I attended over the weekend and … Continue reading broken, slightly


some are broken memories other memories break us some promises are broken other promises break us some relationships are broken other relationships break us what is broken may never be fixed but if we allow it, what can break us will eventually make us