The Sun Shifts

the sun shifts, ever so subtle only a shadow shall recognise .... and destiny and destiny is mischievous embrace the change befriend your destiny ***   The sun has entered a new phase, the arrival of spring, abundance of harvest, new beginnings. May your ego be as insignificant as a tiny sesame seed and may … Continue reading The Sun Shifts

The Mystic of Mackinnon Road

Poetry about a mythical figure in Kenya

I wonder

I wonder Where lightning goes after the flash Does it become the silver lining? Where do dreams go as we wake Or do they hide under our eyelids? What happens to words after you speak Are they written on the pages of time? And the pain when wounds heal Do cells cling on to memories? … Continue reading I wonder

Pilgrimage of Prayer

A barren land Renowned for its dead It was in fact A piece of heaven That earth held onto Few recognized it They were the pilgrims Against a rising sun Whilst the sand was still cool Barefoot in black They inched towards the shrine Their first pilgrimage or a regular Gratitude and remembrance In a … Continue reading Pilgrimage of Prayer

A Thousand Prostrations and Others …

A thousand prostrations before you or a single word of kindness to him who is in need... which will elevate me higher? I forgave, over and over, so many times ... until I forgot what I was forgiving her stick taps the ground~ while walking around~ the blackest of dark~ years left their mark~ yet … Continue reading A Thousand Prostrations and Others …