I Call Ali, I Seek Ali

A magical evening of Sufi devotional music

Shaping the World

International Women's Day

ink painting

it was the ink painting itself the artist was a mere façade for those who refuse to believe creativity hangs in the air searching for the one who is receptive it could be you... *** I keep getting asked how I think up my poetry. I hope the above verse explains it all

The Song of the Sufi

Hazrat Lal Shabaz Qalandar (1177 - 1274) was a Sufi saint, philosopher and poet. Hazrat means His Holiness and Lal was for the red robes he wore. Shahbaz - King of Falcons, Qalandar - a sufi saint, poet, mystic, noble man. He preached peace and religious tolerance among Muslims and Hindus. His mysticism attracted people from all religions. A … Continue reading The Song of the Sufi