finding forever

hearing silence, a question and finding forever

questions answered

may your questions never be answered (by others) (but only by yourself) *** When I first started my blog, I had no idea how I was going to maintain it. I only had a handful of poems and visualising an empty blog daunted me. I asked a few people what I should write about and … Continue reading questions answered

lie after lie

lie after lie we believe read between the lies question their answers your lies we believed ... for a while 

Freedom Means…

freedom means the liberty to question without enslavement of answers freedom means breaking of bondage from belief it is praying with palms joined and praying with open palms freedom means everything freedom means nothing and being happy with it freedom is in music freedom is silence freedom means leadership without any followers freedom means repose … Continue reading Freedom Means…

safer faith

just when you thought your quest was safer faith came in the way limiting questions restricting thoughts answers, answers everywhere just about everyone seems to have an answer for just about everything what is wrong in saying "i don't know" ? Inspiration: Sadhguru

a touch of doubt

always place a touch of doubt hiding behind faith if there is an answer for everything from where shall questions come? know that it is quite in order to know less, or even to know nothing rather than know too much knowledge is a power with immense responsibility which is perhaps why it is said … Continue reading a touch of doubt

questionless answers

if you receive questionless answers perhaps a prayer is fulfilled He gives you what you need and not what you ask for

The Poetry of Laughter

Whatever you are doing...STOP! Right now! Take a 10 minute break and watch this video to the end. Why? you ask. Because you need to, I say :) does laughter require a language and would a smile need subtitles? uncomplicate your understanding with prideless power spread the contagious clarity yes... it is that easy … Continue reading The Poetry of Laughter

Questions and Answers

I don't have all the answers.... ....but I do have all the questions