something old, something new

(something old, something new) She woke from the East, the cradle of ancient wisdom Caught a glimpse of new born stars along the way (something borrowed, something blue) Her gown radiant with the borrowed light Blue were the lovers, now where could they hide? *** This evening's full moon was exquisite in a clear sky, with a … Continue reading something old, something new

ancient minds

ancient minds spoke in verse and riddle with meanings double to keep us thoughtful yet scholars quarrel which sacred text is real

Return to Yesterday

I would return to yesterday If today ever ended If tomorrow never came If I could predict my past If I could escape eternity If time was my slave And I were the mistress I would bid it "stop!" Any time you are my guest If I could visit those days When you got to know me … Continue reading Return to Yesterday

randomly new

forbidding thoughts that are new harvests of regurgitated concepts progressing on a treadmill ultimate destination... ...nowhere old stars burn out slowly sacrificing their cores so that new stars are born giving you a chance to alter your destiny new promises to break new dreams to shatter new smiles to fake new lies to mutter old … Continue reading randomly new

Revere The Dead

What remains of mine will you bury Or perhaps even cremate? What rituals will you perform I will only follow my fate As I arrived, so will I leave Not a sigh shall be heard Nor my shadow be traced Through the realm and beyond Unrecognized I was while vibrant Fading away you paid no attention … Continue reading Revere The Dead