and what i found was that i was lost  Image Credit


every breath we take quickens the way to our end damned if you do damned if you don’t

Intezaar – The Wait

and admirers whispered sweetest words but you never did yet another lifetime gone Painting by Shirish Pandit More art by Shirish Pandit: Pratiksha – The Wait a touch of crimson

confessed sins

confessed sins travel from ear to lip from lip to ear until the confessor recognises her own sin in vain

blurred heavens

a night when the gods appeared blurred heavens intoxicated with fermented nectar and angels danced till dawn

Silent Symphony

observe their orbits of precision at a defectless distance what creation of ours could compare to the silent symphony in space?


Stood defiant in the face of history Each brick cemented with a memory Whispers once shared in one tongue Which anthem shall now be sung? *** Thanks to Liaqat Ali Vance for this photo and to @LahoreMore for sharing it on Twitter and providing inspiration for my poem.

A World of Words

He created all from vibration We turned it into a world of words With plenty of sound But disturbed impact Confusion, noise Fluctuation, restlessness Wavering between directions Purity of vibration, misplaced *** Are you able to observe something/someone without lending your words or even thoughts, just experiencing it/them? I believe if we all observed without the … Continue reading A World of Words

Choosing to Live

All I seek is freedom from choosing To live with options is deceptive Are decisions really ours Or is it destiny in disguise *** Image: Pixabay

all who wander

not all who wander are lost not all who are lost want to be found