A World of Words

He created all from vibration
We turned it into a world of words
With plenty of sound
But disturbed impact
Confusion, noise
Fluctuation, restlessness
Wavering between directions
Purity of vibration, misplaced


Are you able to observe something/someone without lending your words or even thoughts, just experiencing it/them?

I believe if we all observed without the need to form opinions or judgements (both positive and negative), we could experience freedom, invoke a different intelligence.

Doesn’t sound quite so easy but I might start by observing just one thing today, simply to experience it.

Roses are Red…

Last year while at work in a mall, they were handing out roses to ladies for the Valentine’s Day weekend. I noticed these two roses, sadly discarded without a second thought. My attention kept wandering there for the time until I was done with work. As I was leaving I felt compelled to rescue them.


One year later…

This rose found a new home in my Thesaurus and I must say it looks very pretty. What do you feel?


roses are red…
…perhaps because they bled?

questions answered

may your questions
never be answered

(by others)

(but only by yourself)


When I first started my blog, I had no idea how I was going to maintain it. I only had a handful of poems and visualising an empty blog daunted me. I asked a few people what I should write about and what was it that people liked to read about. None of those people answered my questions. For that I am so grateful, because I started to write about what I want to read and know and what I like to write about. So poem by poem, I filled up my blog but retained my own flavour in my writing.

I answered my own questions :)

(This blog is about me, and if it has touched you in any way then know that you are also a part of me)