Pratiksha – The Wait

It was not the distance but the direction
That kept me from you
Searching through cosmic marvels
Within each duality
Though I did hear your call
And I know you heard mine
Why else would I be drawn towards you?
Irresistible, though the magnetic pull was no more than zero
(and no less)
Spinning through void within void
Where energy is enslaved by vibration
(and also conceived)
I uttered the name of your sound
The separation between you and I was devoid of space
Even time did not dare
All I had to do was wait
If only I knew how…



Last Sunday, I met Shirish ji and found out that he paints as a hobby. Exactly one week later, early this morning, I messaged him to ask if I could see his paintings and perhaps use them as inspiration for my poetry. As I was falling asleep (for a very rare lie-in), some words came to me and I quickly jotted them down. I woke much later in the morning to find Shirish ji had messaged me and sent me some of his beautiful paintings under the series Pratiksha – Waiting. The poem I had jotted down was also about “waiting”! And yet I do not believe in coincidences! What do you think?

Many thanks to Shirish Pandit for the kind permission to use his painting for my poetry. Please do watch this space for more of his work.

the thought of you

i caused the thought of you
and now you want to leave?
i refuse to release you

with no introduction
you descended upon the doorstep of my imagination

without an invitation
you merged yourself into my memories

you now believe you are real?
if i wished it so, i could relinquish you
in an instant…
but i love
the thought of you


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tomorrow may never come

tomorrow may never come
because this night seems not to end

subh hoti hai, raat khatm nahin hoti 
The morning arrives but the night continues

the night did end
but another night began
tomorrow was not to be found
neither was forever
nor, you

Tum aaye ho na shab e intezar guzri hai
talaash mein hai sehr baar baar guzri hai
Neither have you come nor has this night of waiting come to an end
in your search, the dawn has passed by again and again

This interaction was partly in Urdu, a deeply romantic language, for which I needed some help with translation. Thanks to Shakil Akhtar for your beautiful couplet and to Mehshar for contributing Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poignant couplet. Please also check out their blogs, very interesting!




Second Glance

i would have never given him a second glance
except that his words,
his words chipped at my icy silence
thawed my arrogance

i would have never given him a second glance
except that his words,
his words laden with praise
urged me to give another chance

i would have never given him a second glance
except that now our words,
our words exchange like an unseen dance
deserving he is of my every glance



5 years ago I nervously shared my poetry and was encouraged to write regularly
My blog has nearly 450 posts now
Grateful for this incredible journey

sweet tears

at the point where night bids farewell
she raises her head, crowned
by a pallu of sizzling red, gold
a slender mangalsutra enhances
her slightly inverted neck

the strongest of henna
the darkest of kohl
the boldest of kumkum
a piercing flame from the nath

as ittar fades into memories of
a thousand jasmine buds
crushed in vain

with the gentlest demeanor
she did but bide her time

sweet were her tears
what could she do?
he swindled even the salt from her life


pallu – the trailing end of a sari, red and gold are bridal colours

mangalsutra – auspicious necklace of black beads and gold worn by a Hindu woman after her wedding

kumkum – red/vermilion powder used for bindi on the forehead and/or applied in the parting of a married woman’s hair

nath – referring to the nose ring worn by a bride

ittar – perfume made from flower petals


It is International Women’s Day and this poem is a (spontaneous) dedication to all the women who understand the crushing of hopes, but never in vain.


This poem was inspired by @temporal3‘s prompt on Twitter provided by 
(Raised up by a Crane
Crown of the Crane
Craned her neck)


Image: Pixabay

Here I Am

Where Are You?

Night after night

I watch the moon set

Stars going to rest

My eyes are burning

My ears are yearning

To hear your footsteps

Trying to locate them

In the heartbeats within

Where are you?


Here I Am

I am the moon that you wistfully watch

I am the stars that you gaze at, gloomily

I am the apple of your eye

I am within your soundless breath

I am the footprint of your steps

It is only in your longing that I exist

Let your heart beat only for me


This is a poetic interaction between Yagneshji and myself.

I read his post Where Are You and spontaneously my response flowed. He writes poetry so beautifully and I assure you he is a natural born story teller. Check out his blog and you will not be disappointed.