The Undisputed Queen

The full moon earlier this month was just amazing. At my meditation time, it was positioned in the small space between our two rooftops…so perfect! Here are my thoughts and some photos of that beautiful night.

full moon 2

Such a gorgeous Full Moon tonight

full moon1

Although I see the clouds have stolen her thunder

full moon 3

Hmmm… The clouds have been dismissed!
The moon’s envy knows no bounds

full moon 4

Curtains are rapidly drawn
Like veils over alluring houris
Even the stars did not dare
Now the undisputed queen of night sky
Completely alone
Alone….but complete


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Clouds, a Collision

Inner Engineering

During the first week of November 2016, I received as a gift* an opportunity to attend the Inner Engineering program by the Isha Foundation. Though I was (and am) an avid listener of Sadhguru’s talks (many of you will be familiar with my poems inspired by Sadhguru), admittedly I went not expecting much. Curiosity and a chance to accompany a dear friend made me consider going to the program.

6 months later, I have been regular with the daily Shambhavi Mahamudra practise which in itself is a great achievement. Many people ask me what changes I have noticed. I will just say two things:
– Read this poem
– Just do the practise regularly,  don’t focus on any result

I am going to share a little something here… Normally I meditate on my tiny balcony where I have bird houses to feed the passing birds. These birds don’t seem afraid to come near me in fact, during one session a bird ruffled my hair with its wings. And another time also during my Shambhavi a little bird sat on my shoulder! Though I was absolutely still, hardly daring to breathe, inside I was trembling. I will never forget those few seconds when I felt the tiny claws and its wings so close to my ear.

Going back to the Inner Engineering program, on the final day I had such a tremendous experience but when our teacher asked for my comments, I could not find the words to describe what I felt. That night around 3:30 a.m. I woke up and without effort, a poem came to my mind. This best describes what I experienced in the course.

Clouds, a Collision

When millions of dewdrops gather
To form gentle clouds seemingly innocent, impotent
Until they collide
And though the thunderous clap proclaims its power
An unseen hand extracts the flash of light
To fuse it into my being
So that I could see
If only for a moment
That nothing is real
Only nothing is real


I was not expecting anything, but I received more
I received nothing

The Inner Engineering program is a science and technology for inner well-being, I highly recommend it. Here is a short intro about What is Inner Engineering.


* P.S. Thank you for this beautiful gift (you know who you are)

Photo Credit
Photo Credit

sides of the universe

and when a young cloud got lost from its flock
succumbed to the fate of gravity
and the sun tried so hard to catch it
but sadly its light was without weight
though it presented a majestic view
for the bleary eyed onlooker
awed at the sight, sleep forsaken
too late for the cloudling
fallen rapidly from grace, for now
perhaps to rise from across the moon
after all the earth is round
isn’t it?

ok, yes the earth is round
and, with a little help
we see visible features of the cosmos
but what of the universe itself
do we have its overview?

and what if one fine day
(or perhaps it wouldn’t be so fine)
earth reached the edge of the universe
would it fall off?
if so, where would it land
or would it float because you know
gravity might not have been “discovered” here

and would we even know it
maybe we would realise something is amiss
if we somehow managed to leave the sun behind

so then again what if the universe was curved, elliptic
what does lie on its other side?
wouldn’t we love to know?
and wait…
are we on the right side of the universe?

and then i felt a smile as another thought glided over me
what if, the other side of the universe was in fact within us?


I could not end the year without posting a poem about my favorite subject – the Universe.
“the Secrets of the Self lie within the realm of Physics, not Philosophy”

Here’s to 2017. May our worlds be touched by more poetry, music, art and…physics.

Edge of Nothing

at the edge of nothing and beyond nothing
i found even more nothing
it is this nothing that holds the stars in their places
the same nothing that is between each cell in my body

that space where nothing exists where nothing is extinguished
that space of uncreating creation that space of indestructibility

the nothing that is in the span between sound and silence
that which is in the pause between the answer and another question

the space slightly above my skin
and that slightly below my skin
filled with the power of zero
expanding in opposite directions
to two different worlds
voids that feel familiar

the space between each eyelash
where dreams are trapped
and they mingle with tears
and it is in that space within the teardrop that i am
each time i cried that you made me feel like nothing
i now thank you immensely
from the space that you created
in each crevice of my broken heart
….more nothing for me
for nothing is real
only nothing is real


I wrote this poem in February this year inspired by the most majestic sunrise I was fortunate to witness. See the photos and you will understand why it was so inspirational. It was just by chance that I noticed the sunrise, through a slight opening in my curtains just as I was going back to sleep. The poem was also an experience of my meditation.



2741 2745
2747 2749

(I am not sure why I took so long to post this)

something old, something new

(something old, something new)

She woke from the East, the cradle of ancient wisdom
Caught a glimpse of new born stars along the way

(something borrowed, something blue)

Her gown radiant with the borrowed light
Blue were the lovers, now where could they hide?


This evening’s full moon was exquisite in a clear sky, with a gentle breeze and in the perfect position. My meditation in the moonlight inspired this poem. As my daughter Samia, 11 and I watched the moon, we had this conversation:
S: Isn’t that light from the sun?
Me: Yes it is
S: Then why are we watching the moon tonight when we can see the sun all the time?
This presented a wonderful opportunity to explain to her how light is the same but there can be different ways that we receive or perceive it. I like that she identified with the source of the light i.e. the reality, whereas I was focused on the moonlight, the distortion (though a beautiful distortion!)

After this, we had some fun with Full Moon Art

Full Moon Art Peace, Dove, Pearl in Oyster Hand model, Samia
Full Moon Art
Peace, Dove, Pearl in Oyster
Hand model: Samia

An Ordinary Nothing

It was just an ordinary nothing
When nature conspired with God
And after many months of preparation
A sudden haze of mauve bells bloomed
Unimaginable on a once unremarkable tree
Canopy for the weary,
Delight for observers from highrises

And all the people noticed, they were jovial
… for a while

 With flowers that rain upon the people
Like light lavendery luck
Adorned those dusty pavements

… for a while

And God wanted to apply fragrance
When vetoed by nature
For she has experienced the people’s avarice
… for a long while

But wait! If you are silent enough
You will hear that tree whisper:
He cleans the office, yet whistles tunes from the radio
…with a smile
She watches as others scoop trophies
…year after year
A mother who designs meals like an artist
The hakwer carries her burden from afar
…and you quibble

Why do you not help flowers bloom
Within those around you?

bare-jakaranda-branches-against-sky It was just an ordinary nothing

jacaranda-in-bloom…for a while


Inspiraton from #JacarandaPropaganda on Twitter
Photo credits:
Bare jacaranda
Jacaranda in bloom @VinieO (Twitter)