A Land, Broken

I am participating in a Poetry Workshop where we will develop a habit of writing poems. The task for this week was to write an 8-line poem that has 2 quatrains (4 lines each)
Being the 14th/15th August, I was inspired to write:

When a land is broken by her masters
And the pain we forget, celebrate
What was seamless, borderless
Should never be independent… Interdependent!

When a line is carved around our hearts
And the wall we erect, reject
That we spoke in one tongue, sung
Songs once written in the same blood….Unheard!


P.S This poem is posted under the Category – Relationships. I hope you understand why.

Edit: Please see how I rearranged this poem here

where light divides

From the International Space Station here is the India-Pakistan border at night. This photograph shows one of the few places on Earth where an international boundary can be seen at night. The winding border between Pakistan and India is lit by security lights that have a distinct orange tone.

India-Pak border
perhaps we hid behind borders because we are afraid to see
that “the other side” is no different from us
perhaps we don’t want to see ourselves in “them”
and so we light up borders and emulate the lines in our hearts
and our tongues deny that we speak the same language
so many borders such little land

truths for sale

truths for sale
in the market place
to the highest bidder

each truth tailor made
to specific needs
designed to deceive

leadership truths
guaranteed to convert
accusations into victimisation

religious truths
riddled with repetetive rituals, and
concealed between poetic scriptures

romantic truths, ah our speciality
the sweetest of truths, the simplest too
tell them only what they want to hear

truths for sale…

Rise in Revolution

I do not ask that you rise in revolution
I only ask that you shed leathery skin
Scaled to trap layers of numbness
Snug, until temperatures rise

I only ask that you incinerate blinkers
Serving to suffocate your vision
Though you move onward
Awake but in a constant stupor

When awareness strikes
It may be just a moment
…. too late

I do not ask that you rise in revolution
(What? do you ask for yet another tyrant?)
But I only ask that…
A revolution should rise within you


~All change starts from within~

back to silence

if you turn back to silence
it makes you complicit in its cover up
karma filters through time
transcends the loudest denials

if you turn back to silence
it will pursue and shroud you
when you need it
…the least

if you turn back to silence
under assumption it means subjugation
you have never before experienced
a woman scorned
have you?

I have taken “a woman” here as the representation of any oppressed people