on a softer note

Soft pastel flowers

When I told him my heart was made of clay
he made fun of me as his heart was of iron.
Soon it will rain, my heart will blossom
and his heart will rust.

~ Shams Tabrizi

I recently came across this quote (not sure if it is a verified quote) but it reminded me of a poem I wrote earlier – 8 years ago actually.

on the contrary
when your soul cages you
it is not to imprison
but rather to protect you

and recognise that
the softer the soul
the more it shall withstand

the brittle soul
requires only a single crack
to crumble…

~ Soul Cages

and yet the world frowns on, even laughs at the gentle natured
applauds the aggressively ambitious, the go-getters

ignores whispered warnings
heeds only noise makers (empty pots…)

remember, time does not forget
and karma never forgives


On a softer note…enjoy this beautiful song ღ

mera dil ye pukare( real /offical video ) part 2 lyrics boys team

4 thoughts on “on a softer note

  1. Dear Sonya,

    What a beautiful message you convey here.

    I frequently go out of my way to speak to people in my occupation that their hardness doesn’t serve them or anyone else well.

    All good wishes,



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