owner of my heart

cat smiling heart

though i am owner of my heart
never does it listen to me

sometimes assuring me,
of obeying my mind
what a cunning deception!

with even the whiff of his presence
many moons ago
the heart loses all control
spurting emotions
abducting the mind
its faculty of speech
unwinding memories in remand

fearless of self

(imposed punishments)
another crack

(for its collection)
an impertinent heart,
a distraught owner


Timeless song!

3 thoughts on “owner of my heart

  1. Hi, Sonya I’m so sorry your own heart deceiving you is a very naughty thing it’s doing to you. Someone must teach it to be kind to you. But then again I feel perhaps it (your Heart) thinks it needs to show you that never trust humans. This is the reason it wants to warn you. This is the only way you may learn. :)

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  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for sharing with us this lovely creation! There’s something special and poignant about your use of the words “distraught owner.”

    All good wishes,



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