Mad World

if there’s one lesson I have learnt, it is within this poem

a coincidence is just the universe
delighting, surprising
conspiring for you

how do thoughts, events, people
(maybe animals)
and time melt flavourfully
at a tiny juncture of your existence
then instantly fading
into a feeling of dreaminess,
perhaps meaningless

it is at that very point
you were favoured
by a touch of grace
just a sign that
you are not alone
you are protected

in the madness of this world
every coincidence enriches your life

many a time i busied myself,
searched for a related meaning within the several coincidences in my life
overlooking the subtle message

a coincidence is a comfort in the confusion of our lives


it’s a mad world, only the insane are truly liberated

2 thoughts on “Mad World

  1. Sonya,

    Thank you for this beautiful post of words, images, and sound. It lands meaningfully on this person, as Reality has indeed conspired to drop into this man’s life a very special Afro-Caribbean lady who has lit up my life.

    How auspicious and rare it is to meet certain people in life. A chance meeting that, with just a few different details, could have led us to never cross paths.

    Your posts always open the gate for beauty to be exposed and highlighted. Thank you!

    All good wishes,



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