across the pause

who is foolish enough to fight destiny

step across the pause
or get lost in the midst
of hesitation

who is foolish enough
to fight destin
[or will you be fighting your own self?]
what is already passed,

recorded in the Book of Fate

exercise your right to will

experience change
wasn’t the freedom of change
also written in your destiny?

too late to hesitate

step across the pause
else how will you complete the circle
dreams do not die in death

unrepaid debts carried forward


Here is another version of Mast Qalandar.

In remembrance of the original composer of this song,
who was completely forgotten in time ~ Master Ashiq Hussain
read more about the man behind the melody in this post
The Song of the Sufi

I thought the guitarist was superb!

6 thoughts on “across the pause

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this poem and song. Both are lovely.

    There are gems exposed by your words, including the fighting of self, the exercising of the right to will, and how death does not kill certain things. We find all worth deep consideration.

    All good wishes,



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