not all who wander are lost
not all who are lost want to be found

Today I was introduced to a superb singer, Kiran Ahluwalia and I have to share her song Awaara. She explains the meaning of Awaara:
In its most polite definition Awara means wanderer – someone who roams around wandering. The term can also mean tramp.
Awaara is also interpreted as fickle.

Here’s a background of how Kiran wrote this amazing song, plus the lyrics and interpretation

During a visit from my Aunt, she and my mother remembered that their Uncle used to recite this poem to them when they were teenagers. Family folklore has it that my great Uncle was the author of these lines and in the source of his inspiration is a family story not fully explored. As they were reminiscing, I promptly ran to get a pen and paper and wrote down the lyrics. One year later I set them to music.

Awaara (Fickle)

Mujhhe jisse muhabbat thi who ek awara auraat thi.
Lihaaza who baddi sada dilli sai pesh aati thi

I fell in love with a fickle woman. At first she appeared very simple and honest.

Nihayat husan sai aa kar marai kamrai ko sajati thi.
Aur lo ras pi lo yeh keh kar apnai hothon ko badhati thi
Aur kehti thi mujhe tum jaisai sathi ki zaroorat thi

She brought beauty to my home and offered me the sweet nectar of her love.
She claimed that she needed a partner just like me.

Mai use hoore janat noor ki putli samajhta tha.
Haseen shadaab phoolon ki hasi rani samajhta tha
Jisse devi samajhta tha fakqat pathar ki murat thi

I used to think she was the goddess of love – blessed with heavenly beauty.
Alas, my goddess turned out to be only a sculpture made of stone.

Mai hasta tha un dinoon mujhe hasnai ki aadat thi. Mujhe log aa aa kai samjhatai thai, who aise hai, who wasi hai. Mai kehta tha tanaz sai maloom hai mujhko bhi jaise hai. Na thi aisi, na hai aise, no hogi ab kabhi aisi Yeh shak sita pai duniya wale teri duniya bhi kaisi hai

In my youth I was carefree and fun loving. I never paid any attention to the warnings that people gave me. I thought I knew my love well. I used to laugh at what people told me and wonder why they wouldn’t leave this goddess of love alone – my goddess Sita.

Source: Kiran Ahluwalia

What a breathtaking song, such beautiful poetry, music and Kiran’s voice is astounding.

Signing off this post with a bonus track by Kiran Ahluwalia with Tinariwen – Mustt Mustt [Dam Mast Qalandar]

One thought on “Wanderer

  1. Dear Sonya,

    What a wonderful post! We are quite enjoying Kiran Ahluwalia’s music.

    And you must know how to make a post perfect by sharing our favorite world band, Tinariwen :).

    All good wishes,



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