If you hear words that hurt you
then bow yourself before them
and they will miss you


Celebrating the auspicious ocassion of the birth of Imam Ali with this rapturous Qasida, Khair by the very talented Zain Zohaib

When I reached my milestone post no. 100 in February 2014, I had shared a compliation of Imam Ali’s sayings here – No Ordinary Sermon.

Reposting them today because it has been a while and these sayings are timeless, we need to be reminded of their wisdom.

No Ordinary Sermon

It was no ordinary sermon…
Once his words were heard
whose heart would fail to soften
which life remains untouched?

He advised that words
until uttered
they remain in your control.
and surely silence can be
the most eloquent of replies.
look at what is being said
rather than who speaks it.
the tongue created so light
yet it has the power to devastate.
your secret is your prisoner
which if let loose
will instead make you its prisoner.
speak the truth
even if it be against you.
ask so that you may understand
and not in order to find fault.
speak only when your words
are more beautiful than silence.

And of anger
which is like a ball of fire
but if swallowed
is sweeter than honey.
he who angers you
controls you.
camels carry heavy loads
real strength lies with he
who controls his temper.
and be aware that
forgiveness is the best revenge.

He says about you
if you want to know
where your heart lies
observe where your mind goes
when it wonders.
authority, power and wealth
do not change a man
but only reveal him.
the real you
is what you do
when no one is watching you.
a liar’s biggest punishment
is that even his truth is rejected.
equip yourself
your departure has already been announced.
leave behind you every sweet memory
for you are a guest in this life.
confess to your sins
for you will be better
than the obedient man
who brags of his good deeds.

When a raindrop falls
into the mouth of a sea shell
it will turn into a pearl
the raindrop that falls
in the mouth of a snake
turns into poison.

He speaks of wealth and charity
how greed turns man
into an eternal beggar.
a person who is filled with envy
experiences no rest.
generosity should be to give even before
the deserving man requests.
nourish your body with food
nourish your soul by feeding others.
and before you pray for yourself
pray for others.
why do you feel ashamed
if the amount of charity is small
when the greater act of shame
is to refuse the needy.
be mindful to
hide the good you do
and make known
the good done to you.

Our enemy is no outsider
but it is our own ignorance.
the container of knowledge
expands as it is filled.
he who has knowledge
does not say he does
he who has ignorance
says he does not.
choose wisely for
knowledge protects you
while you have to protect wealth.
there is enough light
for one who wishes to see.

It is not that you should not own anything
but that nothing should own you.
live in this world
without allowing the world
to live within you.
impossibility and possibility
are merely concepts of your mind.

You sin so much yet you receive grace
imagine if you were obedient….

and he counseled thus…
saying my name
will not be easy in any era
yet if you call my name
I will never deny my help.
It was no ordinary sermon…
He was no ordinary man.


3 thoughts on “Khair

  1. There are many verses here that teach us a lot of things if we choose to learn. I feel lucky, I’ve learned a lot more than I knew before. Thank you for this post, Sonya. :)


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