a happy new moment

A Funeral and a Moment of Courage

The 1st of January 2020 I attended the funeral of Nalina, a courageous, compassionate and enthusiastic lady. Unexpectedly and completely unprepared I volunteered to speak a few words about her. I am hopeless at public speaking and it took a lot of nerve for me to stand up in front of the huge crowd that had come to bid her farewell. Just before, during and for a full 30 minutes after the speech my fingers were cramped and stiff, that’s how nervous I was.

But I did it!

I was in fact inspired by Nalina herself who had once given a thank you speech to a teacher at a workshop we had attended. Everyone had started to leave, and she was the only who realised we hadn’t thanked him.

I believe it was the moment of courage when I said “I’ll do it”, that stayed with me and carried me through the year. Even when I was facing uncertainty with my business, at the verge of giving up earlier in the year, I kept going. I’m just grateful.

I wish you all a happy new moment, after another.

Live your life in moments.

I leave you with this superb Qawali, no other way to start this year!

11 thoughts on “a happy new moment

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this inspiring New Year’s post!

    Yes…let our moments unfurl in a positive direction.

    All good wishes,



  2. Congrats for the speech, nerves are something that comes in our way at the most inopportune time. The fact you conquered it, is truly fabulous. All the best to you for this new year that has just begun. Happy New Year 2021. :)

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