is turns into was

is turns into was
within half a moment
trust turns to rust
beloved becomes betrayer
with a single lie
smiles dissolve into tears

a farmaish fulfilled, became fariyaad

all the words you spoke
just one,
left unsaid
turned into a burden, undone
over several lifetimes

all it takes is,
half a moment


farmaish (Urdu) – is a formal request, usually with an expectation of fulfilment
fariyaad (Urdu) – a complaint, but more in the form of a lamentation
this made me think of how we desire or request for something/someone strongly but when fulfilled, it can just as easily turn to regret and lamenting.

And for no particular reason except I heard it after a long while, here’s Atif Aslam with Tajdar-e-Haram, a longing to visit Madina. The whole song is beautiful but particularly the lyrics in Farsi are exquisite (8:50 – 9:35) Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “is turns into was

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this! This poem brings me to reflect on the nuances of the mind and how one small interior movement can lean us in different directions.

    All good wishes,



  2. I guess past and present is the fact of life. Both are relevant in our lives. I was lucky to visit Makkah and Medina. It’s a world where we forget about the complexities of life. It’s a place where wishes mysteriously are answered.
    Thank you for posting the song, it is beautiful. :)


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