wounds of love

broken glass

how do you fill up wounds of love?

they say time heals all
but forgetting is no cure
time is a mere distraction
the veil will eventually uncover

and distance is deceptive
how is it that in an instant
you still appear by my side

sweet lies are like coolness of balm
when it wears off
truth cuts even deeper

if you knew that the only cure
for wounds of love
is love itself
would you dare love
and yet again?

a soul cannot experience love
that merely touches the surface
with intensity, love seeps
through the cracks of a heart
and flirts with the soul

beyond love, lies devotion
where you dismantle yourself
in readiness, so that
your beloved has no choice
but to seek you
and what is left of you to hurt
when everything is already
willingly destroyed

no more wounds of love
in fact
no more love


a dedication to devotion
fortunate are those
who have experienced

even a moment of insanity
they will never be the same

[written during one moment of insanity]

Image by Tommy Takacs from Pixabay 

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