Eternalness of Space

This darkest of nights
A surge of energy
The celebration of a seeker
Eternalness of Space

MahaShivratri is the darkest night of the year, high in energy, conducive for spiritual growth. Meditation is highly recommended and many seekers and devotees stay up all night.

Sharing with you this beautiful version of a very powerful stotra or spiritual verses Nirvana Shatakam* sung by Uma Mohan. What a stunning voice she has, absolutely mesmerizing. Listen to it in stillness of body and mind, and that will be your meditation.


Space is the creation of all possibilities
Tonight may you find the eternalness of space
May you be open to possibilities you never imagined
And creativity burn deep within your soul
So that you have no choice but to release it
And fill the world around you with tingling magic
The beauty of music and the art of stillness

*Click on this link Nirvana Shatakam for the lyrics and meaning of these powerful verses


Reposting an old poem:

Third eye Shiva

like two eyes that synchronize
but can never meet past
the delicate bridge of the nose
a delicious longing
a secret passage..
the third eye

8 thoughts on “Eternalness of Space

  1. If there is one song that powerfully and directly conveys the truth of who we are. It is this one. I heard it at the home of a friend in a small town in the hills 25 years ago, and it has seared itself onto me ever since


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