set free from the heavens

though we met on earth
from the heavens we set free

though i gaze at the mirror
your reflection is all i see

though we loved so different
understanding is what we had

though i lived in poetry
it was your stories that i craved

though i cannot send you a rose
instead i offer its fragrance
in return i ask no more than
a moment of your presence


from the heavens we set free Inspired by a story I had heard (long time ago) about a place known as al alam al dharr – the land our souls existed in, before we are born. The time we spent there echoes through our life on earth

I never write poetry for Valentines Day, but I needed to create some promo material for my work and it inspired me to keep writing :)
(so grateful that I can express some of my creativity at work)

Sharing here my promotional messages



Blue Rose Image by GLady from Pixabay 

8 thoughts on “set free from the heavens

  1. Beautiful poem with wonderful messages, so very appropriate for Valentine’s  promo. Best of luck, Ino

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