if i had a choice

raksha bandhan

it is said that you don’t
choose your family
but if i had a choice
i would choose you
over and over

the protection of a brother
the guidance of a father
the bond of friendship
magic of music
the exchange
of spiritual thoughts
you listened more
but when you spoke
it was an eternity in a moment

with a thread so fragile
the power to link us
in each world
in every lifetime

all the time in the universe
would never have been enough
but it was my fortune
to have walked with you

i pray that you are free
sailing in the skies above
we all miss you deeply
blessings of Raksha Bandhan
with all my love…


a dedication to Papa from his youngest sister Pushpa, written upon her request

Raksha Bandhan – a day where a sister ties a Rakhri on the wrist of her brother as a sign of her love and blessings

9 thoughts on “if i had a choice

  1. My dear Sonya. Thank you so much for such a beautiful post. I am so touched. You have described my feelings for Narendrabhai so well. GOD bless.


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