I Call Ali, I Seek Ali


Image of Sufi dancer by Murtaza Ali from Pixabay 

A few weeks ago I went to an evening of Sufi Devotional Music arranged by The Aga Khan Council in Nairobi. What a night it was! I was enchanted, mesmerised and floating the entire time. Dr. Karim Gillani was the maestro and every member of the ensemble had superb talent, in particular the younger ones. It was a full orchestra with poetry recitals too.

Sharing here one Ginan* in particular that I heard of for the first time that evening. It beautifully seeks Ali**. You will find several versions and I have selected one with lyrics and translation because I am sure you will be singing along, so enjoy!

I would like to mention my dear friend who knew me well enough to send me for the Sufi night – Onaiza I can’t thank you enough!

Onaiza is a brilliant writer and extremely talented artist. She has recently published an illustrated children’s book “Okus Bokus: A to Z for Kashmiri Children”. Please read more about her Finding the ‘X’: Kashmiri Artist’s Children’s Book ‘Okus Bokus’ Delves into A-Z of Life in the Valley

Here’s where you can buy your copy Koshur Lifestyle – Okus Bokus


* Ginan – devotional hymns or poems recited by Shia Ismaili Muslims

** Ali – Imam Ali, the cousin & son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad



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