Rumours from Twilight

as the sun could never visit the night
recalls reflected rumours from twilight
secrets whispered by dewdrops
yet denies its mysterious existence
a darkness that lurks, mischievous
beyond the sacred day star
more decorative
more provocative
so near, so far

A poem about the power of the night and arrogance of the sun. By its mere appearance the sun dispels darkness not even aware of its existence. How much do we deny just because it is not (yet) in our perception?

Today I wish you the power, beauty and mystery of the night. The ability to perceive the other side, to envision what lies behind us, beyond us for all that we are able to see is not always in light.

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6 thoughts on “Rumours from Twilight

  1. Dear Sonya,

    A wonderfully powerful poem and video!

    We also like the sentence: “How much do we deny just because it is not (yet) in our perception?” Probably quite a lot!

    All good wishes,



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