i re-wrote every word
because i figured out 
somewhere you read “goodbye”
how do you erase spaces?



The above poem was inspired by this Tweet

Also got me thinking about Space, how we create space and fill up space but … do we really? In our homes and hearts, in our writing and thoughts. Or are we only borrowing space and displacing it? Are we disturbing the arrangement of space? What meaning and significance does a space hold for us? Will everything one day re-align itself Back to Space One?

10 thoughts on “re-wrote

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for sharing this poetic reflection on space.

    I sometimes wonder how Space One does what it does. Then this head explodes. And I’m back to, literally, the agony of separation.

    Kindest wishes,


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  2. My immediate reaction to this was “but why do we rush to erase, when we can pen something new”? Is it the feeling of ‘loss’, is it our conditioned quest for ‘perfection’? I’m guilty of the same, so I honestly don’t have an answer, but as usual, your post will make me ponder awhile!
    You doing well, Sonya?

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