Better the World

Our responsibility is to improve the world that was handed to us by the previous generation. What skills, talents or interests do we have that can leave some impact while we walk this life? Could you take on the environment in your own little way? Address poverty or make strides in technology? Raise the level of comfort and convenience, teach someone to think differently, to appreciate the arts or perhaps simply to be in awe, in silence.

A former banker, I have diverted (inadvertently!) into becoming a creative. Also having worked in the natural health world I am familiar with and even experienced the benefits of alternative medicine.

I want to better the world with my words, or rather, what remains unsaid in between the words. And if you have understood what I mean, then my work is done :)

Poetry is my natural but belated talent. I have created and devotedly nurtured my poetry blog and have managed to connect with some truly wonderful people. Poem after poem I am making an effort to show our lives and the world through different perspectives, making the mundane magnificent and the paramount paltry.

by sonya kassam

My interest is in natural health and wellness. My self-taught skill is to interact in the digital world, to be creative in educating and informing others. My innate personality is to passionately present my interest. A combination of the above has formed into my venture Rekindle, an online world of natural health and wellness. Being the life behind Rekindle, I have discovered many who support my vision in moving towards the natural way of preserving our health and well-being. I hope to leave an impact through Rekindle.

Rekindle Facebook Header

I know that the most effective way to better the world is to better myself.

I wish you a better world, I wish you a better you.

Look forward to interacting with you through either or both channels.


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