and none left untouched

no ocean that separates your land from mine
no mountains mark our borders
the same wind blows to my side
the same shadow casts on your side
time after time
we repeat the same old…
though we speak in many tongues


Any guesses as to what I am speaking about here?

It is in fact corruption, how we all talk about it over and over, express our shock scandal after scandal. Corruption is now blown beyond control in Kenya. And none left untouched – whatever class you belong to, tribe, race or religion.



and then they had no one left to steal from
so they stole from each other

8 thoughts on “and none left untouched

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for creating and sharing this powerful poem. It was just yesterday that I was commenting to someone how – post after post – we “like” things on Facebook about the world’s troubles to include corruption. But it seems like we are collectively taking a dirty bath in it all, acknowledging it all but doing absolutely nothing (effective) about it.

    Nonetheless, I hold deep and high hopes for humanity. She will prevail.

    All good wishes,



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