Father Nature

Earlier this year my younger sister suggested that I write a poem for our father’s 80th birthday. It got me thinking about how his personal values, principles and teachings are so much in synch with nature.

So, here is Father Nature

humility of grass
overlooked and overtrodden
yet springs back each time, unharmed

shade of trees
bearing the brunt of sunrays
selflessly cooling all that within reach

patience of a gardener
only tending to the purpose
flowers flourish with divine timing

simplicity of the sky
appearing as just a cover for earth
yet vast beyond imagination, eternal

like the first flight of a bird
wings though separate, working as one
conquering fear with unwavering faith

as a mountain stands strong, silent
its presence felt over distances
an unimaginable strength lies in its unseen roots


the 5th stanza
like the first flight of a bird
wings though separate, working as one
conquering fear with unwavering faith
also refers to our mother. I see them as wings on one bird.

Couple of weeks ago our parents celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary :)

Lots of love and gratitude from all of us xx



18 thoughts on “Father Nature

  1. Dear Sonya How beautifully and correctly you have described them. Feel honoured and proud to have them as my brother and bhabhi. God bless them. Lots of love.


  2. If there is anyone that could use words to correctly express the wonder that is them, it’s you. Thank you for doing justice to their out of this world nature, and for giving us such a beautiful way to honour them.


  3. Dear Sonya,

    This poem makes clear that your father is an amazing human being! And your mother too!

    And you are clearly a lucky daughter :).

    All good wishes,



  4. Thank you for sharing this amazing poem with us. Your parents look so loving and caring. You are a very lucky person to have such beautiful parents. Congratulations on their 55th marriage anniversary. :)


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