of absence and presence

the absence of you
is ever present in me

though you had left,
traces of you remain
like a poisoned fragrance
a lethal temptation
like the nightmare at dawn
a bitter companion
like the remnant of a sting
though i did turn my cheek

how i long for the presence of you
to be forever absent in me

7 thoughts on “of absence and presence

  1. Is that even possible, Sonya? So why try? Can we not accept the other’s presence and find peace? Answers I ask of myself, so the questions are more rhetorical than real ;)


  2. Dear Sonya thank you for this beautiful poem. Like you, I also believe that we come across people whose presence in our mind is not welcome, yet the memory of them refuses to go away.


  3. Hi Sonya Your inspirational and beautiful poems just shows how deeply you are connected to your true self. Great achievement.


  4. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this lovely poem which captures that perennial and deep wish for connection with one’s beloved. It’s longing, pain, love, journeying, and seems to never end.

    All good wishes,



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