Choosing to Live

All I seek is freedom from choosing
To live with options is deceptive
Are decisions really ours
Or is it destiny in disguise


Image: Pixabay

12 thoughts on “Choosing to Live

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this poem. I somehow missed it.

    It leads me to reflect on something I sense, that is, that pretty much everything is in disguise. I’m not just being poetic when I say this. I am referring, instead, to what I sense is a quality of the world; things are seldom as they seem. Until there is an unveiling, it’s difficult to know precisely what everything is, despite our constant attribution of meanings to things, both material and immaterial.

    We all think we know. I think I know (but of course I don’t). We all live as if everything in the universe is how we think about it. And yet, I suspect that things are seldom as they seem.

    In a certain sense, then, it comes back down to walking a spiritual path, and being *granted* kashf (I don’t think we can *get* kashf).

    Your poem leads this person to consider the primal significance of the Causer of all causes.

    Thank you for this poem. It points down trails that have been well traveled, and left travelers returning with their answers questioned :).

    All good wishes,



    1. Thanks for your insightful comment, Robert. I was replying to all the other comments when I realised I hadn’t heard your point of view. The subject needed much input and I am glad to have so many different thoughts.

      I fully agree that things are not as they seem and I appreciate very much the use of the word “disguise” almost like “reality” is intentionally hidden from us.

      This is the first time I have come across the word “kashf” and will read up and ponder over it.


  2. I’ve found myself engaging so many people in this discussion of free will vs destiny over the years…this is the conclusion I reached: free will is up to us, we make our own decisions (mostly anyway) and they do shape our destiny in some way, destiny though includes things beyond our control as well, like getting hit by a car or the unexpected loss of a loved one..we do not choose to have these things happen to us but sometimes they impact our lives very significantly.


    1. Right said, Imran. There are so many factors beyond our choice and control because other people’s free will is also at play. And I feel that how we respond or react to situations beyond us will greatly shape our destiny. Destiny is not a destination but an ever changing path.

      Thank you for your thought provoking comment.

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  3. seeking the same thing :) Is everything destined in our life or do we create our own destiny, to be or not to be. Very thoughtful words indeed.


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