Listen to me

I have a story to tell
Would you lend me your heart?

I have a poem to recite
Would you lend me your imagination?

I have a song to sing
Would you lend me the space slightly above your skin?

6 thoughts on “Listen to me

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for sharing this poem!

    It immediately brought to life for me that there is likely no one who does not already lend their heart, imagination, and space to *something*. With this in mind, it may very well be the most important thing in life to be very choosy with regard to whom one grants access to our hearts. Some may influence what is innate in our hearts to unfurl further, while others may do little more than throw a veil over it.

    It is a privilege to come here, into your town, where our hearts are ennobled and enticed to open up :).

    All good wishes,



    1. Wow, Robert. I am at a loss for words! My aunt recently told me the same thing, that she feels I am giving people an opportunity to open up and share what is in their hearts when they read the poetry. I never saw it that way (in all these years)!


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