Moments of Meditation

where time is beyond meaning and measurement
when time has the ability to stretch or shrink
in between there and here
filled with the weight of emptiness
as stillness flows
and i am completely alone
alone, but complete

7 thoughts on “Moments of Meditation

  1. Indeed! “Completely alone, but complete” says it all for me.
    You have a knack for putting out these short pieces that really have a lot of depth. Salute!

    Wonder if you managed to catch my recent ode to solitude?


  2. Dear Sonya,

    I like this poem you’ve shared. It conveys to this person a stillness, an emptiness of a mind/heart at rest. It is also, oddly, a fullness and completeness, an identify that is no-identity and yet more than imagainable.

    All good wishes,



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