questions answered

may your questions
never be answered

(by others)

(but only by yourself)


When I first started my blog, I had no idea how I was going to maintain it. I only had a handful of poems and visualising an empty blog daunted me. I asked a few people what I should write about and what was it that people liked to read about. None of those people answered my questions. For that I am so grateful, because I started to write about what I want to read and know and what I like to write about. So poem by poem, I filled up my blog but retained my own flavour in my writing.

I answered my own questions :)

(This blog is about me, and if it has touched you in any way then know that you are also a part of me)

6 thoughts on “questions answered

  1. I can totally relate to this and while am still finding my feet in this strange world of blogging, contrary to my fears before I started I keep finding inspiration in the most unexpected of places, like a conversation with a stranger or a simple road trip (haha!)


  2. Dear Sonya,

    I like how you expressed this.

    Answers to deep questions can be (though they don’t have to be) like walls over which we then don’t exert our own effort to scale or dig under. Answers can (though they don’t have to) cause us to drop our sails, and thus the wind (which is ever blowing) doesn’t catch them.

    All good wishes,



  3. I guess your thoughts are similar to those who read your posts, which is why we all wonder what’s her next poem. Through your work we learn about you, it feels good to realize we do belong in some form or other. Have a great day Sonya. :)


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