The Lost Prayer

and my prayer was lost
within the scent of the jasmine
hidden in the swirling of dust
a droplet floating on the cloud

through the exhale of my sigh
i question if my prayer was unsent
or was it unheard
certainly unfulfilled
prayer after prayer lost
lost on the lips of another
lost like early morning dreams, vague

and when i stopped searching
for the prayer that was lost
and i stand still, prayerless
the dawn of a thought breaks

a prayer is not said
nor is a prayer thought
nor even felt
but searching within
i found the prayer…

i had become my prayer


I have a bad habit of jotting down my poems on scraps of paper if my notebooks are not immediately handy.
This poem was written many months ago and I came across the scrap of paper among many others early this month. I had decided to post it the very next day but for some mysterious reason I  couldn’t find the piece of paper though I had read it only the previous night!
My poem was lost, and ironically it was titled The Lost Prayer.
After much searching I gave up. This evening, just as suddenly as it had disappeared, I found it sitting innocently in the book I am reading. Very, very strange!
I wasted no time in publishing the Lost Poem…er I mean the Lost Prayer :)

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