Circular Lives

You are going in the wrong direction…


Today’s post was inspired by the above prompt. Tell a story in 9 words.

This world is round, perhaps our lives are also circular. So I am sure eventually we will reach our destinations. But perhaps there is a shorter way? What do you feel?

14 thoughts on “Circular Lives

  1. To this I’d say, stand metaphorically still and your destination will come to you – that way you don’t have “move” an inch. I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean here :)


  2. Like the little example of Right Direction, given above, I have another example. A man got drunk and was driving his car. In his drunkness, he started on the highway, on the wrong side of the road. Startled, he called up his wife and said ” Darling I’m coming home, in some time, only thing I’m driving on the highway and all these crazy people are driving in the opposite direction”.


    1. Hey Cattie, welcome to my blog and thanks for sharing that story. I had heard it before, coincidentally from the same person who related the “wrong direction” story! I came across both stories in various talks by Sadhguru. Do you know of him?

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  3. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this excellent micro-poem.

    I do sense that we can all find a conveyance through this brief sojourn here on planet earth, something which will take us along, as peacefully as possible, not unlike a train journey. This conveyance is, however, just that, that is, a vehicle.

    Get on the wrong train, and one’s journey may end in disaster.

    It’s so very important to choose the right way to travel.

    All good wishes,



    1. This thought was inspired by a story I heard about a traveler who is lost while walking towards his destination.
      He comes across a young village boy and asks him: How far is X place
      The young boy replies: 2,000 km
      Traveler: What? So far?
      Boy: Yes, the way you are going, but if you turn around it is only 2 km

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