An Ordinary Nothing

It was just an ordinary nothing
When nature conspired with God
And after many months of preparation
A sudden haze of mauve bells bloomed
Unimaginable on a once unremarkable tree
Canopy for the weary,
Delight for observers from highrises

And all the people noticed, they were jovial
… for a while

 With flowers that rain upon the people
Like light lavendery luck
Adorned those dusty pavements

… for a while

And God wanted to apply fragrance
When vetoed by nature
For she has experienced the people’s avarice
… for a long while

But wait! If you are silent enough
You will hear that tree whisper:
He cleans the office, yet whistles tunes from the radio
…with a smile
She watches as others scoop trophies
…year after year
A mother who designs meals like an artist
The hakwer carries her burden from afar
…and you quibble

Why do you not help flowers bloom
Within those around you?

bare-jakaranda-branches-against-sky It was just an ordinary nothing

jacaranda-in-bloom…for a while


Inspiraton from #JacarandaPropaganda on Twitter
Photo credits:
Bare jacaranda
Jacaranda in bloom @VinieO (Twitter)

9 thoughts on “An Ordinary Nothing

    1. Thank you so much. I am so pleased to hear you identified with my poem. I do have a FB share button. Perhaps, it is taking a little time to load, but this post has been shared on FB. :)


  1. Dear Sonya,

    I like this poem a lot. For me, it speaks strongly to the source of all beauty.

    You wrote:

    “A sudden haze of mauve bells bloomed
    Unimaginable on a once unremarkable tree”

    How powerfully this expresses how, if trees are taken care of, we are too.

    All good wishes,



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