The Importance of Being an Object

The exercise for this week’s poetry workshop was most exciting and I couldn’t wait to post it (even though I have not yet submitted my assignment!) We had to write a 6 line poem in tercets from the perspective of an item we wear or carry frequently. Here is my take on it:

unexposed, though I swell with importance
knowing that of my presence she is aware
confidently, I cling, yet

craving the world to observe, through her eyes
instead, living in the shadows of the hem
an unseen tether, a delicate ankle, sparkling

This poem I decided to include it in the Relationships category. I have a special bond with my anklet :)

18 thoughts on “The Importance of Being an Object

  1. Aw that was beautiful. It was like one of those Afsanaas where the writer would praise something and would use big beautiful words to do that as if it’s about the writer’s lover and then at the end it would be a thing.
    Perfect choice of words and an amazing poetic style. Love it !


  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this poem. It’s an unusual relationship we humans have with our objects. Whether our anklet or special ring, they carry and express meaning.

    All good wishes,



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