You strive to get to the other side of doors
But what if….
What if you are on the other side



All these photos were taken by…me!
Due to the diversity, you may be thinking I collected them over a period of time.
But no, I noticed all these doors in one place, took only an hour!
How wonderfully inspiring life is if you observe your environment.

10 thoughts on “Doors

  1. Being in the moment … with doors.
    Moving, transitioning from one space to another and “what if you are on the other side?” I love the question.


  2. I love doors, but don’t ask me why. They represent in and out, but also beginnings and endings. And like us, no two are exactly alike, but all are interesting.


  3. Dear Sonya,

    I very much like this post. The photos are wonderful.

    The pictures and the poetry lead me to reflect on how the whole matter may be less about getting through a door to some place, but rather on simply opening it to let something enter. Or…opening to find that there is no place to go, and nothing which needs to enter, in the first place!

    Thank you for this post.

    All good wishes,



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