Big Ideas, Little Country

I recently wrote in my poem Against the Moon:

you do not need to be in a position of power
to influence the ways of the world 

Last night I came across an excellent and important message which I would like to share. Take a few minutes to watch:


It seems like we, our leaders have been focusing in the wrong direction.
Big ideas from a little country.
Worth remembering Bhutan For Life and Earth For Life, whenever you hear about them please do lend your support in whatever form you are able to.

In conclusion, a couplet from my poem Disequlibrium, the Price of Civilization:

You presume the silence of nature to be subjugation
Have you never witnessed a woman scorned?

4 thoughts on “Big Ideas, Little Country

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for sharing this powerfully inspiring post.

    “We are here to dream together.”

    Wow…not just dreaming. But dreaming together. Actionable dreaming-together.

    In this brief 18:58 minute video, Tshering Tobgay has described a more inspiring, realistic, and actionable vision for the future – for the benefit of all beings – than has all the players in the entire current American political landscape.

    This is a very important message. And not just for the carbon neutral issue. No, there’s more.

    The more is: How does a person become a human being, a complete human being, like someone like Tshering Tobgay and other Bhutanese who participate in such a life-sustaining culture?

    We should examine Bhutanese culture. What choices have they collectively made – or not – that have contributed to their current personal/social/global/cosmic awareness? How do these choices differ from those in the rest of the world?

    There are so many people, in all cultures, in all religions, running about destroying each other, destroying the land, destroying the planet, just destroying. And yet this tiny country of Bhutan can do this.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.;

    All good wishes,



    1. Absolutely spot on, Robert! This is far more than an environmental issue. Imagine “we, the people did not want democracy” and a king insisting that the country should be a democracy, imposing self retirement at a specified age and so so much more. All in a short presentation. Hugely inspiring. Hope shines from the smallest of chinks. Look at the quality of leaders this tiny country has had and still has, then look at the noise most of our other “powerful” leaders make, focused on little more than self preservation.

      If there is such a thing as “one true religion”, this is it!

      (Big things come in small packages)


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