Finite, a Circle

Revering the beads
As we whisper, counting 
Sacred names, the greatest of words
Immersed in each rotation
(Or dreaming through it)
We forget that real power
Lies in the thread
That holds the beads together
Allows them to flow over our fingers
Just a fragile thread
Finite, a circle of infiniteness

13 thoughts on “Finite, a Circle

  1. Respect, Sonya (bowing)! Superb point made through simple words. In today’s times, people rarely look or think beyond the superficial. Love your thought and its implications. Kudos!


  2. You’re absolutely correct, that thread is what holds the beads together. We must be gentle with it, each morning I pray that it doesn’t break, or else it’s a job to replace it and string the beads together, you are brilliant, Sonya for thinking about the the thread! :)


  3. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this. I like it a lot.

    It poetically brings to mind how humanity is one single rosary. Or we should be. Or..we have the potential to be. We are all beads, manifestations of sacred names. As you highlight, though, it’s the thread that ties us together which is the secret.

    Our path is nothing but service to humanity.
    It is not found in the rosary, the prayer carpet, and the dervish robe.

    All good wishes,



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