No Ordinary Lion


No ordinary lion
Nature crowned his mane
The colour of night
Halo around a sunset

Born victorious
None could challenge him
At the pinnacle of his rage

Yet when death ambushed him
Was Mohawk even aware
He was fighting a battle?

No time for a final roar

Just a crown
The colour of night
Halo around a sunset


On March 30, Mohawk a beloved & iconic lion, a resident of the Nairobi National Park was shot dead by the Kenya Wildlife Service, his supposed guardians. As you can see from the photo by Paras Chandaria, Mohawk was a black maned lion, an alpha lion. And though I have named Mohawk in my poem, there have been reports of other lion(s) killed while wandering out of the park. Mohawk represents all these beautiful creatures whose lives are threatened or lost. 

Nairobi National Park is the only wildlife park found within a city. Sometimes though I do wonder which place is the more civilized, which creation the more evolved…

Our heritage, the wildlife and the park, are at stake. Please do take a moment to read more about it and sign this petition 

4 thoughts on “No Ordinary Lion

  1. Dear Sonya,

    I very much like this post, on many levels. You likely know my appreciation of this.

    I don’t know the details of why Mohawk was shot dead. I’ll read more later about that.

    The majestic and beautiful creatures of this world which, like you say, are threatened or being killed daily, manifest a direct parallel in the diminishing of noble human qualities. True wildlife protection begins with revivifying the deep heights of human qualities, spiritual qualities.

    I wonder how often this is considered, that is, that one’s “spiritual practice” may actually contribute to sustaining life as we know it (*all* life), with personal (human) happiness and fulfillment not being the actual goal, but being merely side-effects.

    Very strong post.

    All good wishes,



    1. I really loved what you said about personal happiness and fulfillment being the side effects and not the actual goal of a spiritual practice.

      A very strong comment.


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