the last chapter

slowly reading the last chapter
knowing i must soon lay it to rest
wondering if the next book
will captivate or disenchant me


A problem I have always faced
while reading a good book
getting involved with the
characters and feeling
comfortable in the location
And when I reach the end,
the last few pages I read
ever so slowly, like saying
Alvida* to your love
Anxious in anticipation
of the next world
I hesitatingly enter

*Alvida – Farewell

I have placed this poem
In the relationship category
If you are a reader
You will understand why


6 thoughts on “the last chapter

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this very nice post.

    Some of my most memorable relationships are with books.

    There are books. And then there are Books. The former are present and have words, but the latter have presence and meaning.

    All good wishes,



  2. When one is choosy about reading a book, it does not help. If you can pick up any book and read, you will realize each book is valuable in its own way,there is a lot one can learn from it. :)


    1. I have experienced the exact same thing, Kunal. As you mentioned, reading is a habit. And so needs practise to become a part of you (again).

      I jump started my reading with a book I thoroughly enjoyed many years ago. That helped, but I am still much slower than I used to be. Also I have become very particular in my taste. So I do need the right book.

      Reading again has helped me a lot. The book I re-read was A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. It also showed me how I have changed over the years, and I was happy to observe the changes.

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