The Lady Of Light

Though we identify light as revealing
The Divine’s noor* acts as a veil, to protect her
Adorned by surahs**, expressions of the revelation
Only she could counter humiliation with even more dignity
The confluence for defined and unperceived truths
Her presence was a mere tip of a mystical iceberg
A mother, an exceptional lineage

Would I be granted
Just the dust of patience she possessed
And a flicker of her fortitude toward injustice

She remains a name unfamiliar, yet sanctioned
She remains the Lady of Light, az-Zahra


Respectfully dedicated to Lady Fatima, the beloved daughter 
of Prophet Muhammad and the adored wife of Imam Ali

this poem was created upon request
something I am usually not able to do
and I am gratified by the outcome
today is my mother’s 75th birthday

* Noor – Light
** Surah – chapter of the Quran

12 thoughts on “The Lady Of Light

  1. Sonya, this poem is straight from the heart. It encompasses so much of Lady Zahra’s Life,
    and between the lines, reveals the lessons we learn from her.
    An excellant master piece,


  2. Dear Sonya,

    This is an absolutely wonderful and beautiful poem. I like it a lot.

    “Adorned by surahs… So very beautiful.

    All good wishes,



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