broken, slightly

the life between two breaths
the breath between two thoughts
the thought between two promises
the promise between two hearts
the heart…
a slightly broken heart

The poems I am particularly pleased with are those where I have used two outwardly unconnected concepts and merged them. This poem was inspired by the meditation course I attended over the weekend and the song in this video (thanks to Ranu of Sabethville for sharing it with me). It is about a broken heart. I couldn’t find a translation.


tum puuchho aur main na bataaun aise to haalat naahin – Munni Begum

Another poem where I have made such a connection is Unveiling,
which happens to be my favorite poem :)

8 thoughts on “broken, slightly

  1. What a beautiful song. I see how that could inspire you to meditate. This is thebeauty about ghazals and qawwali – you can easily relate them to the supreme and the message in this one is so clear – to me it says that if you want the answer (s) just ask and I will have to answer (how could I not)

    You just have to really really want it and it will be because anything at all that you pay enough attention to has no choice but to yield – it’s that simple – just pat attention.


    1. Thank you for reading and so pleased to have your thoughtful comments. Please let me clarify that though it is a beautiful ghazal, it was not inspiration for my meditation. The song plus meditation inspired this poem.

      In my experience it has been more awareness than attention. Also for me sometimes to want nothing is better than really wanting something :)


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