Impressions of God

Remnants of the old temple
Long ago I frequented
Now dilapidated
A dignified ruin

Decrepit, faded flag
Bravely yet barely flapping
Jilted by the pigeons
Echoes of fluttering, cooing
In the haunting halls
Even the gods are forlorn
Their pleas drowned
By the smoke and honking
Hawkers’ hoarse persuasions
Baskets filled with rotting fruit
Where once it was lovingly served
With slivered almonds
We expectantly lined up
For a dollop of sooji halwa
Our lips shining with ghee
Satisfied glimmer in our eyes
Competing to be carried upon shoulders
To reach up and clumsily clang the bell
Running out with a waft of incense
Chunks of coconut in our fists

Dropping a coin in the beggar woman’s corner
And those were our impressions of God

9 thoughts on “Impressions of God

  1. There was a mandir in Ngara or River Road or somewhere there, this took me back to Saturday mornings visiting that temple. You’ve captured it so well, absolutely amazing!!


  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I like this a *lot*!

    Immediately, while reading it, the poem evoked a feeling of something that, while delapidated on the outside, is pristine on the inside; while its exterior is disheveled, and perhaps even seemingly unkept, its interior shines.

    I absolutely love the term you used…”a dignified ruin.”

    All good wishes,



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