of survival, possessions and purpose

a soul is stained, muted by its instinct to survive
chained to what you believe you are
and to what you presume to possess
which of your belongings will you take with you?
indeed, what have you come with that you can ever give away?
even as charity?
seems to me that nothing can truly be owned, only transferred

let your soul sparkle; seek freedom with full awareness
maybe you are already liberated but you know it not
unveil yourself from all the answers that mask you
survival is for those who are weary
and the only purpose of having a purpose in life
is to feed the ego, to stifle your capabilities

7 thoughts on “of survival, possessions and purpose

  1. Dear Sonya,

    This is an amazing piece of art you have shared with us.

    There is so much here which this poem moves one to consider, and to contemplate: the purposelessness of purpose; the fact that we are all indeed ever-liberated but veiled therefrom; and that we have only our actions to take to the grave.

    *We* are the only thing which stands between us and our beloved.

    Thank you for this.

    All good wishes,



    1. You are so right in that there is so much in this poem. I did have a lot to say (after my break from writing) and I wasn’t sure if it would be expressed well enough. From your comment, I can safely say I got my message across. Thank you Robert.


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