a future left behind

the moments passed
but the time never did…

the roses dried
but the tears never did…

the reality faded
but the memories never did…

and admirers whispered sweetest words
but you never did…

eagles from the highest skies did land
but my fantasies never did…
(and never will
for as long as I shall live…)

then even god stopped preaching
but the clergy never did…

the people mingled across lands
but their traditions never did…

page by page history moves on
but why does it feel like
our future is left behind?


I rarely explain my poetry but I feel the need to add a narrative here
This is a confused poem about being held back and moving onward

16 thoughts on “a future left behind

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for sharing this poem – and explanation – with us. It brings us to reflect on just how complicated feelings can sometimes be, and where is to be found the locus of peace.

    All good wishes,



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