a mound of earth

i am simply a speck of dust
but observe for a minute
i am made with patterns
symmetry of body
regularity of breath
a doodled mind
a distinct design
in the architecture of creation
evolving with erratic errors
through which i drift towards
the peaks of my patterns

vales turn into victories
a composition of creation i am
yet apparently autonomous
recognising that one day
i shall blend into
the sublime structure
for i am no more
than a mound of earth
a patterned mound of earth


each Dungeon Prompt is becoming more challenging, yet even more fulfilling
I am particular proud of this response, set out with a completely blank mind
ended up with a pattern of a poem :)


13 thoughts on “a mound of earth

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this very nice poem. We are a mound of dust, and yet granted the gift of absorbing sun and light.

    All good wishes,



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