a mound of earth

i am simply a speck of dust
but observe for a minute
i am made with patterns
symmetry of body
regularity of breath
a doodled mind
a distinct design
in the architecture of creation
evolving with erratic errors
through which i drift towards
the peaks of my patterns

vales turn into victories
a composition of creation i am
yet apparently autonomous
recognising that one day
i shall blend into
the sublime structure
for i am no more
than a mound of earth
a patterned mound of earth


each Dungeon Prompt is becoming more challenging, yet even more fulfilling
I am particular proud of this response, set out with a completely blank mind
ended up with a pattern of a poem :)


13 thoughts on “a mound of earth

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this very nice poem. We are a mound of dust, and yet granted the gift of absorbing sun and light.

    All good wishes,



      1. Dear Sonya,

        I don’t have any news about Ranu.

        I have seen her presence on her blog today.

        All good wishes,



  2. Nice, the ultimate pattern, you were able to make it so eternal, or universal, and so personal, relating to each one of us.


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