insecure leaders

nothing quite as lethal
nothing as contaminating
as leaders
who are insecure
about their leadership

placed in a position of power
they spew out fear
as an exaggerated means of control

like a depraved shepherd
promising protection
whilst leading the herd
to the slaughterhouse
behind luscious grass
well fed, tender meat

reclaim your identity
secure your thoughts
from their incessant rants
empty pots, most noise

self responsibility
this is the stuff
revolutions are made of

if you had no fear
would these leaders exist?

8 thoughts on “insecure leaders

  1. Fear produces instant results that cannot stand in the long term, some of the foolish try to maintain the level of fear never realizing that love is more powerful and brings long lasting results.


  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for sharing with this poem. This is powerful, and has so many lessons for leaders embedded within it.

    I do a great deal of actionable research into inspired and character-driven leadership. Your poem speaks right to the heart of that.

    The last two lines of this poem point to what we think is a deep truth. Leaders manifest out of the collective social organism. So they do, in a certain way, manifest, and represent, the overall “character” of the collective whole.

    All good wishes,



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